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Proudly created by Swimming Australia and its member organisations, Swim Central is our community’s new bespoke operating system for clubs and swimmers.

From membership details and event activity, to coach accreditation and managing funds, everything you need will be at your fingertips via the online portal.

Developed in collaboration with states, territories and partners, the system has been tailor made to ensure it is user friendly, reliable and sustainable, while also having user integrity and privacy at its core.

With Swim Central replacing My Swim Results (in WA) and ClubLANE, MyLANE and Results Central (elsewhere), the program is currently being rolled out across certain states, with full implementation set to be complete by 2021.

Make sure you stay connected with your state’s media channels for information and updates as well as details about how and when you can access your account. Visit our Swim Central Resources & Updates page for helpful contacts and state-specific user guides.



With the implementation of Swim Central taking place from March 2019, please be assured your State/Territory office will support you every step of the way.

For any enquiries, we encourage you to contact your State/Territory office or review the following handy hints guides that have been developed specific to each State/Territory association:

Swim Central State Resources and Contacts

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is my Swim ID (email) / which email address do I need to use?
  • Swim Central has user integrity and privacy at its core and therefore requires one unique email address for each person over the age of 18 – which acts as a Swim ID. For existing ClubLANE / MyLANE members, this was your preferred email address. New participants will need to use a unique email address for each participant over 18 years of age.

  • What if I need to change my email address / Swim ID (email)?
  • Members who no longer have access to the preferred email address that was used in ClubLANE / MyLANE; please do not complete the registration process using a new email address. Instead, please contact your State / Territory Swimming Association to change your Swim ID (Email).

  • Who should be in my family group?
  • A family group contains a principal (e.g.: a parent / guardian) and their dependants. A principal must be over 18 years of age and dependants are under 18 years of age. Having a family group allows the principal to administer purchases and activities for their dependants. 

  • What is my family administration PIN and why do I need one?
  • To maintain the integrity and security of Swim Central, pins are required for each family group. Pins are a four-digit number and should be kept secure and not shared. All principals will be required to set an administration pin for their family group, which allows them to control the activities and purchases of their family. For those who don’t know or can't remember their family administration pin, simply select ‘Forgot Pin’ and a reminder email will be sent.  

  • Some family members are missing from my family group; what do I do?  
  • Swim Central requires each person over 18 years of age to have and use their own unique email address. Families who previously used the same email address for each person over 18 years of age may notice not everyone will have come through to Swim Central. Please note it’s important not to register these missing family members yourself. Instead, please contact your State/Territory Swimming Association for assistance.

  • What happens when one of my dependents turns 18? 
  • All Swim Central participants aged 18 years and over are required to have their own unique email address if they wish to become independent of their family. If a dependent wishes to become independent, the principal needs to graduate them when prompted in Swim Central.  

  • I tried to register with Swim Central but my chosen email address is already taken? 
  • This means that the chosen email address is already registered with Swim Central. Please complete the forgot password process to update password instead.

  • How do I log in?
  • All members who were financial in ClubLANE / MyLANE are already registered in Swim Central and only need to reset their password (through the forgot password process) when they would like to login to Swim Central for the first time. New participants will need to register to access Swim Central.  

  • Can I login using my google or facebook accounts? 
  • Existing participants are already registered with Swim Central using their preferred email address from ClubLANE / MyLANE. Once existing members have completed the forgot password process they can then choose to login using Google or Facebook accounts, if those accounts are linked to the same email address. 

    New participants can choose to register using their Google or Facebook accounts initially or they can add them later, if those accounts are linked to the same email address.

  • How do I renew my membership?
  • Membership renewals are handled via replacement products. A replacement product will be automatically assigned to a member prior to their old product expiring. Members can complete the payment of this new product (i.e. renew their membership) through their ‘My Purchases’ tile. 

  • I am no longer a member, why am I receiving this information?
  • For those who are no longer involved as a member of a swimming club no action is required and the email communication received can be ignored. If a change of mind occurs in the future, simply contact the local swimming club to get started again.

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