Renew Your Accreditation

To ensure an ongoing commitment to a safe environment, Swimming Australia Coach Accreditation must be renewed every three (3) years. Reaccreditation is completed within our sport management system Swim Central.

Maintaining your coach accreditation demonstrates your commitment to meeting industry standards and best practice, and Swimming Australia’s child protection and integrity policies.

The process of completing reaccreditation requires validation of child protection, child safety and integrity requirements, evidence of continued activity within the industry (professional practice), evidence of continual learning (professional development), and evidence of current membership.


How to complete Reaccreditation

Start by downloading the Application Form below and then follow the steps in the document Help Guide For Reaccreditation.   

If you need assistance with uploading your documents to Swim Central, please refer to the document How To Upload Documents To Swim Central.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know when my coach accreditation expires?
  • Your coach accreditation details are found within Swim Central under the Accreditations section. To check your accreditation details, including expiry dates and required documents: 

    • Login to Swim Central
    • Click on Profiles

    • Go to Accreditations

    • Your current accreditations can be found under Current Status
    • Click on the accreditation you want to check
    • The expiry of your accreditation is found via the expiry of your Coaching ID
    • All other document requirements must be maintained and remain valid (should have a green tick)
    • A red cross means the document has expired or no document has been uploaded
    • A grey tick or question mark means a document has been uploaded but not yet verified by Swimming Australia
  • What happens if I let my accreditation lapse?
  • Allowing your accreditation to lapse means you will not be accredited by Swimming Australia. This may have consequences as follows:

    • your insurance policy may be invalidated 
    • you may be denied access to pool deck at meets
  • When can I start the reaccreditation process?
  • You can start the reaccreditation process anytime within 6 months prior to your accreditation expiry date.

  • How do I provide evidence for Professional Development points?
  • As stated on the Application Form, you must provide evidence of PD points claimed by providing:

    • a certificate of completion, a letter of attendance or
    • sign off from employer, club administrator, club president, program organiser, Swimming Australia, State Swimming Association or ASCTA.

    Evidence must be uploaded to Swim Central as the document type - Coach Reaccreditation PD Evidence. 

    Immediate family cannot sign off on PD points.

  • I don’t have enough professional development points. What should I do?
  • It is an expectation coaches will commit to continuous learning throughout their coaching career. It is your responsibility to ensure you complete suitable learning and development activities on an ongoing basis relating to the coaching that you do.

    Remember, coaches are learning all the time. Learning occurs every time a coach is on deck or at a meet. Learning occurs when coaches reflect on their coaching performance, discuss their experiences, observe and work with others. Learning can occur on the job, in a classroom, via an online session, at meetings / conferences, reading an article, in a workshop or training course. 

    There are many options for demonstrating you have satisfied the professional development requirements for reaccreditation so make sure you reference all the options on the Application Form.

  • How do I provide evidence for my professional practice?
  • As stated on the Application Form, you must provide a supporting letter from your Club President, Secretary, pool manager or State/Territory Swimming Association to verify professional practice hours accumulated during the previous 3 years.

  • I work for myself. How do I provide evidence of my professional practice hours?
  • You can provide a letter from the manager of the facility you operate out of, from your State or Territory Swimming Association, or from ASCTA. 

  • I'm not actively coaching any more but would like to maintain my accreditation. Is this possible? How do I meet the professional practice requirements?
  • The short answer is you must meet the requirements to be eligible for coach reaccreditation. However, to meet the professional practice requirements, you don’t necessarily have to complete all your hours via practical coaching on pool deck. You can demonstrate achievement of the professional practice requirements for reaccreditation by showing you have used your industry knowledge in a related activity. This could be through mentoring, instructing, training others, running camps, workshops or even administration of the sport in some instances. If you are unsure of what constitutes professional practice, please get in touch with Swimming Australia to discuss your situation.

  • I am not sure what documents I have already uploaded, how can I check what documents are already in Swim Central?
  • You can find your documents within Swim Central. Go to Profiles > View Profile > Documents. All documents which have been previously uploaded into Swim Central can be found here. 


  • I've completed a course on another website but my certificate isn't showing in Swim Central.
  • Any certificate obtained via completion of a course on another learning platform (eg Safe Sport Course or Sport Integrity Australia courses) must be saved to your computer and then uploaded to Swim Central. There is no direct method for a document achieved on another learning platform to be imported automatically into Swim Central. 

  • How do I know what documents I still need to upload to Swim Central?
  • The final step of the reaccreditation process is the purchase of the Reaccreditation product via the Store. This can be found in Swim Central under Store > Development & Training > Reaccreditation > select the appropriate product for your level of coach accreditation.

    The product will show all the documents required for purchase. You must upload all the required documents before you can complete the Reaccreditation product purchase.

  • I am trying to purchase the reaccreditation product but it wont let me Add To Cart
  • You can only purchase a product if you have uploaded all required documents for that product. You must upload each document as the exact document type being asked for in the product. If you believe you have already uploaded a document, but there is still a red cross against the document requirement, it means the document upload was not successful, or you have not uploaded the document as the correct document type.

  • I've loaded all the documents but my accreditation hasn't been updated.
  • Once you have uploaded all your documents, you must then purchase the Reaccreditation Product to complete the process. Go to Swim Central > Store > Development & Training > Reaccreditation > select the appropriate product for your level of coach accreditation.

    Your purchase will then go through an Approval process where Swimming Australia will verify your application. Once approved, your Coach Accreditation will be updated.

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